In the ever-evolving travel platform landscape, Tentrr a pioneering Airbnb-style campsite company needed help reaching their audience through social channels to tell their story and help more people experience outdoor getaways. With a portfolio of breathtaking campsites rivaling their urban counterparts, the company faces a challenge – bridging the gap between wanderlust and awareness. To propel their brand and campsite experience forward and forge deeper connections, a tailored social media and email strategy served as the compass guiding their customers to unplug and reconnect.

Spot On

In the bustling realm of small business solutions, our client, a leading hardware and software point-of-sale provider, aspires to empower growth for enterprises. Amid fierce competition, a pivotal need arises to not only offer cutting-edge technology but also to forge deeper connections through strategic content.


In the dynamic realm of modern marketing, brands need tailored narratives that seamlessly intertwine their strategic offerings into the lives of their customers. This strategy isn’t unique but it can have novel outcomes and surprising results. Vonage needed just that. Specialized business telecommunication content developed to seamlessly integrate with content to position Vonage – naturally in front of their customers in a way that would resonate long after the scroll.

Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch parental control tablet app redesign (concept) was undertaken to give Switch® users a better understanding of their Switch usage data. To give them the ability to make smarter decisions about screen-time for themselves and for the next generation of gamers.

Cobalt Credit Union

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern finance, digital banking applications have become the cornerstone of customer interactions with financial institutions. As technology advances and customer expectations evolve, the need to reimagine and redesign these apps becomes crucial. This case study is a Credit Union banking app redesign with the goal of enhanced user experience and application of the brand expression.


This mobile teaching app was a redesign (concept) I approached to increase parent-teacher interaction with young learners to increase engagement and retention of the curriculum.