Spot On

In the bustling realm of small business solutions, our client, a leading hardware and software point-of-sale provider, aspires to empower growth for enterprises. Amid fierce competition, a pivotal need arises to not only offer cutting-edge technology but also to forge deeper connections through strategic content.

Client: SkyWord // Spot On
Services: Brand Illustration | Infographic Design | Whitepaper Design


Despite an exceptional POS solution, Spot On desired greater market visibility and leads. Prospects were unaware of the transformative potential that the Spot On POS and underlying software hold, hindering adoption and market growth.



A Two-Component content strategy was developed to build out their narrative and drive engagement. We devised a multifaceted content approach encompassing white papers, infographics, and illustrations that would further enhance the brand.

Infographic Content

The proposed solution for Spot On’s marketing funnel strategy was simplifying the complexity of the technology and engaging the diverse audience that utilizes the SpotOn System. We translated intricate USPs into visually appealing infographics. By distilling complex information into bite-sized visuals, we ensured that small businesses and established sales pros would understand Spot On’s POS potential.
The infographic designs also had the bonus of supporting and sustaining the Spot On brand expression. The infographics were an extension of the Spot On illustration style which enabled this solution to do double duty for the client by driving leads and expanding the brand expression.

White Papers: In-Depth Industry Insights

By commissioning insightful white papers, the client showcased their expertise in the business tech sphere and gave real-world examples of how their platform can help small and medium-sized businesses make their job easier. Spot On positioned itself as the one partner with everything you need. With on-brand messaging and brand-aligned visual design, the white papers created a compelling case for how to make your hard work more profitable with tools that work together. From restaurant POS software, online ordering, digital waitlist & reservations, labor management, and reporting Spot On proved that they are the right fit for any sized business.
These documents delved into industry pain points, presenting the POS solution as the antidote. They bolstered their credibility and generated leads.

The content strategy sparked funnel growth.

Engagement growth. Check. Lead Acquisition increased. Check. Brand expressed, you betcha. All around this combination content strategy was the right call for Spot on to nurture its funnel and drive customer growth.