Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch parental control tablet app redesign (concept) was undertaken to give Switch® users a better understanding of their Switch usage data. To give them the ability to make smarter decisions about screen-time for themselves and for the next generation of gamers.

Client: Concept, Design Concern
Services: Case Study | UX


Redesign the Nintendo Switch® Parental Control app so that adults can more quickly manage time spent on the Switch for themselves or their children and help ensure a safe gaming platform for young gamers.

“Good design is a language, not a style.”

-Massimo Vignelli

The Problem

After observing adults struggling to navigate the app it was apparent that with the redesign we could more clearly present how much time gamers were spending on the Switch. Also, we needed to give adults simple control over which games can be played and when.

The Solution

We wanted to clearly present usage data. It was key for the app to present the total time played, time played per day, games played, game ratings, etc. in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. The redesign also gave adults easier control over whitelist games and playing time limits.

Design, Planning & Research

After defining the problem and identifying the solution, the next step involves design, planning, and research. In this phase, I develop personas, low-fidelity wireframes, mood, and style boards.


Life-long Gamer

Dan is an aging millennial who’s been playing games since the first 8-bit Nintendo console in the 80s. Dan loves to play classic games as well as modern first-person shooters and puzzle games. Dan is a career professional with a close-knit network of gaming friends. He uses the advanced controls of the Switch® app to ensure he makes time to be with his friends both on the Switch and in the real world.

Progressive Parent

Drew is a Millennial father. He was raised in the 80s and has fond memories of the golden age of gaming – growing up with classic Nintendo games. He wants his children to have those same kinds of memories in their lives. Thanks to the powerful tools in the Nintendo Switch® parental control app, he ensures his kids are having fun at home with classic Nintendo titles with the assurance that he can manage their screen time in a safe environment for the next generation of gamers.

Low Fidelity Sketches / Wire frames

Mood Board

Style Board

User Flows and High-Fidelity Designs

After brainstorming ideas, creating mood/style boards, and rough low-fidelity sketches/wire-frames, I am ready to start working on high-fidelity mock-ups and a prototype based on items gathered in the planning phase.

User Flows

High-Fidelity Designs