In the ever-evolving travel platform landscape, Tentrr a pioneering Airbnb-style campsite company needed help reaching their audience through social channels to tell their story and help more people experience outdoor getaways. With a portfolio of breathtaking campsites rivaling their urban counterparts, the company faces a challenge – bridging the gap between wanderlust and awareness. To propel their brand and campsite experience forward and forge deeper connections, a tailored social media and email strategy served as the compass guiding their customers to unplug and reconnect.

Client: Outside Communications // Tentrr
Services: Social Media Design | Iconography Design | Email Campaign Design

The Problem

Tentrr needed to increase their engagement with users on their platform. Specifically, this problem was systemic of several other problems that needed to be addressed. They needed to increase their follower count and engagement on Instagram increase bookings in shoulder seasons and drive new host sites on the platform. In a nutshell, we needed to help them attract new users, foster strong relationships with current Tentrr users, and nurture new hosts for the platform. The Solution: To address the challenges faced by Tentrr, we proposed an organic/UGC Instagram and regional email strategy. Both solutions were dependent on UGC, regional, and branded content.

Strategy Component 1: Regionally focused weekly emails and content

This component was devised to nurture leads, onboard new users, maintain engagement, and add new hosts to the platform with a regional focus. We developed a cadence and messaging that resonated with regional users of the Tentrr platform to drive engagement and bookings. The plan helped to drive bookings during the spring and fall shoulder seasons. On top of driving bookings on the platform, we were able to feature new listings available in each region to further highlight the options available to users when spending time in the great outdoors.

Strategy component 2: Organic Instagram marketing that blends brand and user-generated content

The strategy on Instagram was to increase brand visibility, showcase user experiences, and build a community through user-generated content. The strategy was to encourage users to share their camping experiences using a unique hashtag. We will curate and repost the best content, showcasing the diversity of campsites and the joy of outdoor adventures. We also focused on content that featured nature appreciation. To do this we shared stunning visuals of campsites, wildlife, and natural landscapes, resonating with the target audience’s love for the outdoors.

Mission accomplished

By implementing this comprehensive social media strategy, the startup grew its Instagram presence, nurtured its community of passionate users, and added new host sites to the platform. Through consistent engagement and personalized communication, Tentrr unlocked its potential for growth and shared the great outdoors with more people.