Reinke Irrigation

Specs, technologies, research & development and engineering don’t amount to a hill of beans if it doesn’t work when the going gets tough. We know that Reinke products are some of the hardest working and longest lasting center pivots on the market. We know this because they have to be – that’s Reinke Certified.

Choose JLG

Every job site has the go-to-guys with the expertise that sets them apart from the rest. The ones that are dependable, tough, and can get any job done, no matter how difficult. The same can be said about the JLG equipment they choose and trust.


The Beef Quality Assurance certification program has existed for over 30 years and is well known within the cattle industry. The challenge BQA faced, was how to expand certification and bring new vigor to the program within the industry. We tapped into the pride of the cattle producers. They know that they feed families around the world, they put in the work, they get the job done and take pride in doing it right. Cattlemen know that the job has to get done and that BQA training is one of the many tools they can use to do it right. They know excellence takes effort.

The Right Way is the Only Way.


The Goal of this campaign was to introduce and launch JCBs new Teleskid, the world’s first skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom. To increase the excitement for this product launch we developed a sweepstakes, landing page, digital banners, pre-roll and landing page videos, print and collateral to teach everyone who they can work smarter, not harder.