Muskoka Woods – Youth Foundation

Produced at: Big Yam, the Parsons Agency
Produced for: Muskoka Woods

Muskoka Woods asked us to come up with a design for the bi-annual foundation annual report. Instead of just approaching this as another corporate communication piece we decided we wanted to make it special. After All, Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation is in the business of helping children have life-changing experiences and we wanted to honor them for being inspirations to us.

So what we did was come up with this concept that showed the potential that exists within each of the hundreds of kids that Muskoka Woods spends time with every summer. We wanted to show that each of the young at-risk or underserved youths have potential, they have smiles, they have stories; and Muskoka Woods is going to help them reach their potential because they have value and they want to see them succeed.

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