Reinke Irrigation

Specs, technologies, research & development and engineering don’t amount to a hill of beans if it doesn’t work when the going gets tough. We know that Reinke products are some of the hardest working and longest lasting center pivots on the market. We know this because they have to be – that’s Reinke Certified.

Client: Swanson Russell // Reinke Irrigation
Services: Landing Page | Email Campaign | DSP | Photo Shoot | Video Content

Reinke wanted to create a campaign that would generate leads and drive sales.

The solution was a content-driven campaign that funneled leads to an all-new landing page with the help of DSP ads and video content. The landing page served as a digital bridge to agriculture professionals, showing the smart, hard-working corn/soybean farmers and how they depend on equally hard-working Reinke solutions to get the job done. The landing page is a blend of captivating visuals and relatable narratives that positions Reinke as the solution for their specific irrigation needs. Through compelling storytelling and intuitive UX, we drove lead-gen, and showed farmers, that Reinke is just as smart and hard-working as they are.

Meet them where they’re at.

Corn/Soybean farmers can be tough to build relationships with. They’re very busy so you can’t want to waste their limited time or come off as not being respectful their way of life. To better reach them on their terms and on top of an email campaign and landing page we also developed an updated product catalog and a print campaign to create additional touchpoints for farmers to share relatable Reinke Ceritifed content with them.

A video content shoot during the hottest part of the summer? Game on.

All the planning in the world won’t matter much if you have zero content to use in your campaigns. Consumers are more and more hungry for video content. So if you want a seat at the table and if you want to have any conversation with corn/soybean farmers you need video content. We drove out to the middle of Nebraska in the fall heat and shot content with Corn/soybean farmers, service technicians, and manufacturing technicians to tell the complete Reinke Certified story..

Bring all the pieces together for a well-planned rollout.

Over the course of 9 months of planning a campaign was developed, that included landing pages, emails, print ads, product catalogs. This was all powered by a content shoot that yielded branded photography for use in print, digital and social channels. It all coalesced in a series of Reinke Certified ads and videos that rolled out to corn and soybean farmers.