Lake Powell Print Ads – Concept

Produced at: RIESTER
Produced for: Aramark

I was recently tasked with working with a team on developing some print concepts for Lake Powell National Park. I worked with a Senior Designer and our Executive Creative Director to find ways to really showcase all of the adventure, watersports and lodging amenities offered at Lake Powell in a way that would give them maximum impact. Ultimately drive sales for houseboats, personal water-craft and reservations at park properties.

Lake Powell has more shore than the U.S. West Coast and it has so much to offer. We wanted to communicate that through these print ads in a way that was clean and simple and allowed Lake Powell to stand out from competing marketing visuals and messaging. We did this with bold typography and wall to wall hero images that feel so epic they could literally pull you into the experience. And that really is the end goal. To pull you into the experience, to draw you to Lake Powell and experience it for yourself.