A few years back I moved to Arizona. One of the first things I did once my family relocated, I searched through images and Pinterest pinboards of things to do and places to go and locations  that absolutely must be seen to believed; by one that lives in Arizona. On this list; hiking the red rocks of Sedona, spelunking the crevasse that is the Grand Canyon, careen down the glass-like smooth surface of slide rock and hike the Superstition Mountains (and if you get lucky you may stumble upon the gold of the lost dutchman mine). The visuals of the Superstition Mountains are flat out amazing. The fact that mountains could seemingly sprout out of the desert with a near vertical face, thousands of feet in altitude gain and picturesque views…flat-out amazing.

So I put together a thumbnail of a sketch three years ago and finally had the time to start illustrating and executing on it, a few weeks back. Posted here is the fruits of the labors with a little added hand-lettering and a super funky Arizona color-way.