Don’t Vote

Produced at: Rose/Glenn Advertising
Produced for: Civic Mission of Schools Coalition

A local non-profit came to us with a small budget and a big goal. The goal was to increase voter registration of individuals as they were leaving high school and enrolling in colleges. We developed the “Don’t Vote” campaign to dare these young adults to register to vote and make their voices heard.

We used our small budget to work with Getty Images to secure excellent photography and worked with a local printer to donate printing and utilized social media (yes, we used Myspace on this campaign, since it was 2006 and myspace was still the only option for delivering something like this on a social media platform) to get the word out.

The result was a resounding success. In Washoe County, young adult registration went up significantly in the targeted demographics. That’s a win for young voters and a win for the democratic system.

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