AIGA Las Vegas Work/Show

Produced at: Rose/Glenn Advertising
Produced for:  AIGA Las Vegas

AIGA Las Vegas produced an annual work show for several years. If a creative team won the show the year prior, they were invited to create the concept for the following year. As we were developing the concepts for this year’s award show, we riffed off the idea that creatives were preparing for award show season and in typical fashion, we took it to an extreme place. A place where art directors dress in day-glow orange camo and copywriters set their sites on writing a killer headline.

We pulled this concept through a complete collateral set including the call for entries, winners show invite, award show invite, meet the judges invite, microsite, environmental materials for the award show as well as winners book and winners keynote. It was a lot of work, a lot of beautifully ugly work.