One of my favorite aspects of working in advertising is the creative process. Pretty much every day, we take ideas from an initial sketch on a napkin (or iPad) and develop something new and interesting. If the idea sucks, really there is no amount of polish that can make it great, so we want to make sure that the kernel of the idea is both interesting and on target for the creative brief. Because of this I usually work with my creative partner to create a number of creative concept sketches to present to the client and from there we fully realize that concept. Recently we developed a new campaign for ImpactZ just this way. From the initial sketches in my iPad using ProCreate to working with the CG team at Afterglow studios. This is a glimpse into that creative process that shows how I work with a creative team of copywriters, CG professionals, designers and an account team to get to the final creative execution that you see in a publication.