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CUDirect – Member Protection Services

Produced at: DesignConcern Produced for: CU Direct Member Protection Services /Arrowhead Advertising A lot of times a client will come to you with what they think they need. We need a brochure. We need a logo. We need a website. As creative thinkers, art directors and strategic designers it is important that we educate our clients about what they really need and then guide them to their end goal. A lot of marketing executives think they understand their needs prior to meeting with their design partner. It is the duty of the designer to help their executive understand that their presumptions and personal bias may be wrong or hinder the outcome and that research must be commited to come to breakthrough creative. After research and establishing what the client needs are, then we can get to that logo, website or brochure. Case in point; CU Direct Member Protection Services. They […]


Pacific Links International – Golf Network

Produced for: Pacific Links International Produced at: Big Yam, the Parsons Agency I was tasked with developing a print campaign for Pacific Links Golf Network, an international luxury golf service offering executive-level members the opportunity to play championship level golf courses worldwide . The creative brief was pretty much wide open; there was very little guidance from the client or account service. Sounds like a creative dream come true right? Well there is a huge difference between giving a creative free range and not providing research. This was one of the initial campaigns that was eventually scrapped that I developed based off some first round concept that PL Golf Network was their passport to a world of golf focusing on three premier international destinations for golf: Las Vegas, Hawaii and Australia. We eventually scrapped this idea and went with something a little more subtle and less direct.