The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

I wasn’t a huge sports fan when I was younger. I often found I had a tough time playing within the team dynamic; I still do not actually participate in team athletics. It does not agree with my nature (a perfectionist forĀ others while I myself am quite bad at most sports). But even though I never bring myself to participate in team sports, I do enjoy myself some college football. I mean what red-blooded American doesn’t? It is a huge business, with badass logos and awesome sporting events and tailgating.

Now I know all the detractions to football, but here me out. I do especially love University of Nevada Football. I love Nevada football not because they win championships ever year (because they do not). I love Nevada football because of what their motto is. The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the Pack. That is good advice and words to live by.

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