Southern Thunder

Several months ago, the concept for this Southern Thunder logotype hit the editing room floor. The idea for this logo type came from a logo that I saw by the black keys. I really liked the stressed geometric nature of the style of the typeface, so I set about to create my own hand-lettered version of the logotype for Southern Thunder. Southern Thunder is a client Harley Davidson dealership from Missouri, so the logotype needed to feel bad ass but at the same time I wanted it to feel “southern metal” (to me this would be like the black keys or wolf mother going camping and having to eat barbecued squirrels).

So the initial thumbnail for this logotype didn’t make the cut, but I have spent the last several months thinking about this option and I felt that it was time to re approach the concept and find a way to make it shine. I am very pleased with the result, and though it does not quite hold true to the harley davidson branding, I think as a standalone logotype sans Harley Davidson it is very memorable.

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