Process – Slick Golf

Over the past several months I was one of several designers working on a golf product that would be coming to market. In the end none of my concepts were selected to be used, but I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of the process behind how product names and logos can eventually morph into the final state.

For this product the name started as one name, which eventually morphed to a new name, back to the original name, changing to a new third name and then eventually changing yet again. This, I do not believe is the the way product names are “traditionally” done, but then again when do we ever follow a “standard” method in the creative fields. Inspiration and happenstance continually guide me to new and interesting places.

With these logos I started with many hand drawn sketches which were tightened up to a series of final logotypes and icons. I created several custom typefaces for several options, with other options I got really “out there” incorporating a little American Graffiti and Ziggy Stardust.

I feel looking back at all these logos that it was a really good exercise strictly as a designer to have explored so much range on these logos. It does not happen everyday that as a designer I am allowed to explore some of these techniques and subjects for a logo.

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