Process – 27 Club

I was tasked with designing a golf course logo for an ultra premium course that was being designed in Tianjin China. The course would be designed by 27 masters of golf whence the name “27 Club”. The club was going to be utra-premium in the Chinese market with membership rates prior to construction north of $200K. When I was given the design brief, I was told that the client wanted to see a logo that had an “American feel’.

I will start by saying that none of these logos were ever approved and that these are only a small sampling of the logos that were presented to client. I initially started with some thumbnail sketches and started working with some simple thick lines that tapered off, combining a thick draplin-esque line with an ornamented Chinese feel. I was also told that the client wanted to the logo to be a trophy, or look like a trophy or be able to be made into a trophy. This trophy direction led me down the path of creating many obelisk inspired logos which turned out alright, but nothing really impressed the client.

As I worked through several iterations of the logos, feedback came to not make the logo so graphic, make it more ornate and Chinese looking. This feedback led me to research icons like the tiger and the peacock in Chinese culture as well as the lotus and other icons. I particularly gravitated toward the tiger (being a symbol of strength, agility and being the king of animals in Chinese culture). I explored numerous directions and thanks to this project picked up some new techniques of for creating some interesting results.

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