CUDirect – Member Protection Services

Produced at: DesignConcern
Produced for: CU Direct Member Protection Services /Arrowhead Advertising

A lot of times a client will come to you with what they think they need. We need a brochure. We need a logo. We need a website. As creative thinkers, art directors and strategic designers it is important that we educate our clients about what they really need and then guide them to their end goal. A lot of marketing executives think they understand their needs prior to meeting with their design partner. It is the duty of the designer to help their executive understand that their presumptions and personal bias may be wrong or hinder the outcome and that research must be commited to come to breakthrough creative. After research and establishing what the client needs are, then we can get to that logo, website or brochure.

Case in point; CU Direct Member Protection Services. They came to us needing a brochure. We determined that they didn’t just need a brochure; they needed a brochure,  a folder, letterhead, business card, B2B brochure, B2C brochure, tiered inserts: the works. And they need an idea that would bind this all together.

If you don’t have an idea; if you just throw type and image on paper or website with an idea/promise/concept whatever you are trying to say will ring hollow. It will be perceived as an imposter. False. If you don’t have something authentic and meaningful to say, people will ignore you, see you as a fake and generally will cease to interact with your brand at every level. That is why research, to define your businesses’ pillars, personality and promise is so important. We had to back our client up and develop ideas and concepts for them first that tied back to their corporate pillars, that would deliver a promise to consumers so that we could develop their brand touchpoints which all pointed back to their brand promise and then apply those to their tri-fold brochures.

This is a really long process but it is an important process that needs to happen. It needs to be written down edited, iterated, improved upon and then re-written until it sings. Creatives need to explore the brand and push it, always referring back to their research so that the brand can grow in a direction that is uniquee, authentic and iconic. The idea is the most important part of a branding campaign, because, without it, you have nothing.

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