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A Thing for a Thing

I was recently exploring some more expressive hand-lettering as part of a larger branding exercise and these are just some hints of what I can share at this point in the process.


Running Y Ranch – Dead Logos

Sometimes when you are making logos for a client you get lucky and come up with a ton of really beautiful unique options that are really nice. Sometimes you don’t and luckily the client chooses the only good one in the bunch. On this client the client chose from a group of really good ones, chose the best but still had some nice options that they rejected. These are the rejected options, even though they were really beautiful.


A Scout Is

As I have progressed through improving my ability with hand-lettering, I have often used the 12 points of the Scout law as the theme for practicing. This past winter, I revisited the 12 points of the Scout Law that I started my hand-lettering journey with. With this revision I explored new finishing techniques, lettering styles and thumbnailing and sketching processes. It was an extremely helpful project with regards to my process and personal style. The project was culminated with the creation of a limited edition poster combining all 12 points of the Scout Law.


36 Days of Type

This series of hand lettered illustrations was my entry into the worldwide lettering communities 36 days of type. Over the course of 36 letterers, designers, 3D specialists, web designers designed custom alphabets and submitted them to the community. I combined my submissions together in this limited edition (run of 36) poster. The great thing about this project is that it brought so many cross disciplinary specialists together to for a global community of creatives that are passionate about design and typography.


Deck Project

A set of hand lettered and illustrated skate decks with good advice. Listen to these words of advice and they will take you places.

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Southern Thunder

Several months ago, the concept for this Southern Thunder logotype hit the editing room floor. The idea for this logo type came from a logo that I saw by the black keys. I really liked the stressed geometric nature of the style of the typeface, so I set about to create my own hand-lettered version of the logotype for Southern Thunder. Southern Thunder is a client Harley Davidson dealership from Missouri, so the logotype needed to feel bad ass but at the same time I wanted it to feel “southern metal” (to me this would be like the black keys or wolf mother going camping and having to eat barbecued squirrels). So the initial thumbnail for this logotype didn’t make the cut, but I have spent the last several months thinking about this option and I felt that it was time to re approach the concept and find a way […]