Shiner Gold

Produced at: DesignConcern
Produced for: Self-initiated

Disclaimer: This was a self-initiated project I put together after kicking an idea around in my head for several months. I am fiercely loyal to local brands and the Shiner Gold pomade products created in lovely Phoenix Arizona is no exception. I really like their product and everything that they seem to be into. I like fast cars, I like tattoos, pinstriping all that stuff. So When I was looking at the Shiner Gold packaging I didn’t feel like it really spoke to me about who Shiner Gold is and who they really speak to. I felt that there was a disconnect.


So I thought, why not deconstruct their packaging and re-design it in a way that speaks to their crafted/bespoke, rockabilly, rat-rod, tattoo, pinup, pin-striped vibe that I think is “Truer” to who they are in an effort for people to make that connection with the Shiner Gold brand.

For me, my main issue with the current packaging/branding is the clashing/poor choice of typefaces, the ham-handed use of drop shadows, the arbitrary hierarchy of the design and the way that the border contains and restricts the brand logotype. Now hear me out; all this feedback comes from a place of love. I know that somebody worked hard on this stuff, so this was not a dig on them. This is just my trained eye taking a subjective look at it and saying. “how can we make this better?”

So here is what I came up with. I think that it bring a bit more energy and dare I say chutzpah to the brand. With one look, you know that this is some bomb-ass pomade and you want to just take a big ol’ dollop of if and apply it to your pompadour or undercut.

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