Northwest Savings Bank

Northwest Savings

Produced at: Mindspace
Produced for: Northwest Savings Bank

For this Northwest Savings project, I was in charge of developing the gamified module learning modules, the responsive design, and the subpage template art direction and design. Included in this design process was interactivity design with regards to responsive/progressive enhancement, site-wide menu design and gamified learning modules interactivity.

This project had a lot of moving parts, not only was there an entirely new website to flesh out with design templates, but also build out the gamified learning modules. The gamified learning modules served as a new business funnel, to identify current Northwest customer’s unserviced needs and pairing them with a banking service, as well as creating new customers for Northwest Savings.

Unlike most projects, this project arrived with a fully developed desktop design pre-approved by the client, ruling out the preferred responsive design mobile-first design process. I began this process by tightening up the site-wide navigation and planning for how the navigation would respond/animate at smaller breakpoints. Then I developed the desktop sub-page templates based on client approved content, selecting photography and designing iconography. From there was a process of developing templates for the smaller breakpoints and then developing how gamified learning modules would work within the templates at each of the lower breakpoints.

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