Always Custom – Spookyfast

Produced at: DesignConcern
Produced for: Self-initiated

This was a self-directed spec campaign that I teamed up with my copywriter to develop the creative brief, concepts, design and execute. It was our belief that people who purchase motorcycles have an ingrained desire to stand out; to go against the grain; to be an original. In a word custom. So why do so many motorcycles look the same and how do you stand out when everyone looks the same. Enter Spookyfast Customs; to change boring bikes into bad-ass hogs.

Rationale: Owning a bike should be an expression of who you are. But if you ride the same cookie cutter, assembly line bike as everyone else, are you really distinguishing yourself? Spooky Fast lets you customize your motorcycle the way you want and helps you always stand out from the crowd.

Please note, that this is a spec ad campaign for a spec client with placeholder images. Images in these spec ads are copyright their original owners. DesignConcern does not make claim to their ownership.

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